Interview – Spotlight on: Stafford Bawler

One of the first interviews published on Side One, and still one of the most popular, I sat down with Stafford Bawler, the man who wrote the score for the incredible successful, and impossibly pretty, mobile puzzler, Monument Valley A class act through and through, I found out more about Bawler’s storied past, as well as his work on ustwo’s world famous mobile title.

Starting out in the late 90s as Silicon Dreams’ in-house sound guy, Bawler went on to work for Codemasters and The Audio Guys, an audio outsourcing firm set up by former colleagues, before leaving to forge his own path as a freelance designer.

Abandoning the comfort and security of a paid gig for the excitement and freedom offered by freelance work is a dangerous decision, but Bawler seized the opportunity with both hands, quickly finding himself under contract at a little studio called ustwo – you might’ve heard of them. 

Stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire, Bawler’s first role as a freelancer was to oversee and create the audio for ustwo’s latest effort, Monument Valley: a gorgeous puzzler that captured the imaginations of players around the world, redefining what mobile gaming could be while turning the ustwo team into industry superstars overnight.

Following the unparalleled success of Monument Valley, Bawler was nominated for a Develop Award at last year’s conference in Brighton, with the composer eventually taking home the prize for creative contribution to audio.

Hypnotised, like the rest of the world, by Bawler’s elegant work, we recently sat down with the man himself to find out where it all began.

Read the full interview over on Side One.

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