Opinion – Digging deep down: It’s time to introduce a sense of balance to the sexism debate

An opinion piece I wrote while during my time at Pocket Gamer, I offered my thoughts on the issue that refuses to go away: sexism in gaming. While everyone else was keen to crucify Capcom for failing to include a playable female character in its PS4 exclusive, Deep Down, I decided to take a more objective stance:

When Capcom revealed that its upcoming PS4 exclusive, Deep Down, wouldn’t have a playable female character, I wasn’t sure how I felt.

What I knew almost immediately, however, is how the industry expected me to feel. A quick glance in the direction of Twitter told me that the people of the games industry wanted me to react in a very specific way.

Unless I wanted to be tarred, feathered, and labelled a misogynistic arsehole who’s just another advocate of patriarchy, I should be damning the sexist pigs developing Deep Down for actively discriminating against women. The thing is, I’m not sure want to do that.

Read the full article over on PG.biz.

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