Opinion – Own goal: Why the FIFA 16 reaction proves gamers need to grow up

A couple of weeks ago I penned an article for Stuff tackling the preposterous reaction to the inclusion of the women’s international teams in FIFA 16. Rather predictably, the internet went into meltdown, with a large majority of gamers crucifying EA for adding women to, what they clearly felt, was a game aimed squarely at men:

If you’ve been on the internet in the past 24 hours you’ll have seen, or at least heard, that EA has released a shiny new trailer for FIFA 16: the latest instalment in its seemingly immortal football franchise.

By and large, the FIFA series has gained a certain level of notoriety in the industry for failing to significantly change as the years roll by. The players themselves get a facelift every 12 months, while the gameplay mechanics are tweaked here and there.

This year though, something really has changed, with the arrival of a feature that really should’ve been added years ago.

I am, of course, referring to the long-overdue addition of women’s teams.

Read the full article over on Stuff.tv.

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