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When I finally went to watch Jurassic World, the reboot-sequel hybrid to Spielberg’s visionary Jurassic Park, at 9pm on opening night, I was caught off guard by just how much I enjoyed the movie. I wasn’t expecting anything other than a CGI-fuelled trainwreck, so to come out of the theatre full of praise was perhaps the best surprise I’ve had all summer – other than the news that Sean Bean will be returning to the big screen in Ridley Scott’s The Martian.

Jurassic World was great for a lot of reasons, one of which was Michael Giacchino’s wonderful score. You can find out what I had to say about the movie in this review I penned for my soundtrack orientated website, Side One.

I won’t lie to you, when I saw the first trailer for Jurassic World my excitement levels plummeted. Tame raptors, questionable CGI, and snippets of dialogue that suggested the script would have about as much depth as a Spot the Dog book – case in point: “It depends on what kind of dinosaur they cooked up in that lab” – all left me feeling woefully underwhelmed. I still maintained hope, of course, but it was hope for hope’s sake. Nothing more.

Even the involvement of Chris Pratt, a saucy man-crush of mine, and Colin Trevorrow, director of wonderful indie flick Safety Not Guaranteed, couldn’t allay my fears. This was a Jurassic Parkmovie without Spielberg and John Williams, which, in short, could only mean it wasn’t going to be a Jurassic Park movie.

Now, as anyone who’s seen Jurassic World will already know, I was absolutely, positively, 100 percent…wrong. Yeah, you heard me. I was a damned fool.

This is a Jurassic Park movie. In fact, this is the best Jurassic Park movie since the original changed the face of cinema back in 1993. Trevorrow and co did what I deemed impossible: they created a worthy sequel to one of the most memorable movies of all time – and make no mistake, this is a true sequel to Jurassic Park. This is the one we’ve spent the last 22 years pining for.

Read the full review over on Side One.

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